Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Get your gag reflexes ready....

Busy Monday cranks right into insane Tuesday. And then I received this little email from my husband:

"So I keep getting these stupid facebook '25 things you didn't know' messages from people, and frankly I could give a shit if people knew 25 things about me. But it got me thinking of 25 things I love about you that go unsaid in my daily confessions of love for you. So here is my 25 things you didn't know that I love about you: (with a few edits- hey, we've got to have a little mystery!)

1. Your Feet- (ewww)

2. Your British accent. It's pretty awesome

3. They way you bring words to life

4. The smell of your hair after a shower

5. Your undying creative spirit to fill my belly with delicious food

6. You are so brilliant and yet you question it, makes you even smarter to me

9. That you tell me how sexy I am. It makes me feel really good about myself.

10. That you eat things in layers. It's one of the weirdest but cutest things you do.

13. The future. WIthout you in my life the idea of the future seems dark and boring.

14. When you sing. I love your voice. And I love that you think Alicen is a better singer then you. It makes me laugh

15. How honest you opinions are about my art. WIthout you I think I would produce a lot of shitty starfish =)

16. For a life worth living for. Even at times when the tunnel seems to be closing in on me, I can hear your voice and know that I will be ok

19. Your family. You have a family that has welcomed me and made me feel so special.

20. That you rock the shit out of Guitar Hero. It's super hot. no joke

22. That you are awesome at extreme sports and I suck balls at them. Again very hot.

23. That you are my home. And I have love and comfort in life that many people struggle to find.

25. You being you. That is reason enough for me, you are a honest person that I look up to in so many more ways than these 25. I love you."

........swoon. Damn. I better think of an AMAZING V-day gift. Any ideas?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hi, it's me

Hi, it's me.
I'm still here.

After contant complaints of the barely bearable weather, continuous dog training, adjusting to work, Josh's strange ailment where an iphone has spontaneously grown in place of his ear, new awesome season of Lost, a sudden urge to go swing dancing, and delicious new recipes, you would think I have so much to blog about I'm bursting with ideas. And trust me, I am!

But, DAMN! I need a vacation. I'm at lunch now, but I will talk to y'all when I get home. Just thought I'd send you a teaser that my wheels are a turning!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Achie in the Snow

Mommy may be complaining about the cold. But this little guy is doing just fine....

That is, as long as he has his super sweet, hip and stylin' argyle sweater.....
Lookin' sharp Buddy!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Have you ever...?

Have you ever walked outside and suddenly thought you might have giant boogers dangling out of your nose, but when you checked for any "bats in the cave" you realized that all moisture in your nostrils has frozen into dangling boogerific crystals?

Have you ever envied an eskimo knowing that his home made of enormous ice cubes is warmer than your own insulated, heat-included, ice box of an apartment?

Have you ever thought amputation was a possible solution to make walking easier than tripping over those clumsy frozen stubs other people call toes?

Have you ever resented a catch up phone call with a friend knowing the warmth in their voice, although coming with love, sounds more like a menacing taunt?

Have you ever known what it would feel like to have your skin doused in gasoline and set afire and still thought that would be nothing compared to the burning feeling of a -13 degree chill?

..... then you must be a Chicagoan!

And if you do have Chicago Pride, check out this shirt Josh designed. Middle Coast what what!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Puppy Poo Year!

Or does it go Yap and Chew Year? I don't know any more cuz my new year has started with a brand new puppy!

Yea, sorry I haven't written in a while, but puppy training is tough. I've been really focusing on giving the new dog all my attention and love and affection.... uh oh.....looks like someone wants to cuddle..... down, Josh, down! (someone is a little jealous!)

Well, without further delay
Meet Archie
"Hi, I'm Archie, short for Archer. That's my daddy's favorite typeface.....whatever that means."

He is a 2 year old chihuahua/fox terrier mix that we rescued from a shelter here in Illinois. His temperament is so sweet and he loves to cuddle. We chose him because of his calm energy and the way he loved to be held like a baby. Already he can sit, understands how to use his crate, and is housebroken.... well, sort of.....

I could use some help with that one, especially from those of you with small dogs. We have shown him that we are reliable pack leaders and he is quite submissive. He sits on command, focuses on us during a walk, lets us walk in doorways before he does, waits for permission to eat and shows his belly when he wants attention; however, he might be a little too submissive and to show us he needs a confidence boost, he pissed on a wall to mark his territory! Ahhhhhh! Since he is a rescue, we have no idea what his history is and I am really trying to build his trust and confidence (without sacrificing my fine home goods!). Any suggestions?

"I know, Mommy, why don't you let me sleep in your bed and you get the crate!?"

Have any of you ever adopted? Let me know your experiences, it will surely help with mine! Until then, back to the cat-nap--I mean, puppy-nap!

Monday, December 22, 2008


My husband is an artist. The kind of artist that stops what he is doing in the middle of dinner and goes, "OH MAN! I just thought of an amazing piece." He scribbles on a napkin and goes right back to his plate of food. Days later he will show me the work in progress, this unbelievable, fantastic, makes-your-eyes-pop-out-of-your-head, ART. Well, most recently he and Colby (his other partner in life) otherwise known as "JOLBY" began working on some pieces for his new show coming up, called "Home Is Where You Make It."

They are constantly inspired by their own surroundings, and this show portrays the emotions they have each felt as they struggle to grasp the meaning of "home." Even now as I try to write it out, I have no idea what home really means to me. A place I feel welcome, a place I am comfortable, a place I go to sleep? I think the boys have the right idea, it is too hard to put into words..... Maybe this will help

Finally, today we are headed home....

Friday, December 19, 2008

Do's and Dont's of Unemployment

Let's face it, this recession isn't clearing up anytime soon. And sadly, a few of us may be losing jobs as our country spirals further into the depths of this economic downturn. Now, should this happen, and of course we all hope it doesn't, there is no reason to huddle in a bomb shelter waiting out toxic economic fallout. I have bravely endured a difficult unemployment streak for you so that you don't have to learn the hard way (if there is one...) So here it is:

Do's and Dont's of Unemployment

DO: Wake up before noon. (Look, jobbers-don't judge us, we have no reason to wake up early so why not sleep?) The key is to not overdo it. You want to make sure you are still setting a time frame that is "appropriate." Sleeping too late messes up your circadian rhythms so you stay up into the wee hours of the night obsessively stalking-- I mean-- reading Ashley's blogs wishing you were somehow that freaking cool.

DONT: Call your husband many times during his workday just to relive the conversations you just had with your mother. And why not? Well, because what are you going to talk about when he gets home from a long day at work, silly! Nothing makes him happier than to come home to a bored wife with an hour's worth of replayed conversation.

DO: Create tasks for yourself throughout the day. Something like going to the grocery store may seem like a tedious task for others, but to you it is the essential function of the day to show you are contributing. And for goodness sakes, drag it out, I mean sure you can probably finish in less than an hour, but then you've got nothing to do for the rest of the day. Linger at the sample station, ask the deli counter for taste tests, engage the butcher in a recipe exchange. Trust me, grocery shopping quickly becomes your favorite activity.

DONT: Call your working friends during the day and ask "watcha doin?" This surely annoys them. Instead, just chat with them over AIM. They still may be annoyed for the interruption, but I have found they are more likely to talk for a very long time because the typing makes them sound busy. For instance, one friend is supposed to be saving the country from natural disasters and such, so when I call him on the phone he answers with a professionally hushed voice saying "kinda busy, what's up." However, ask him over instant message what he had for lunch and you would think D.C. has shut down for all the important details of "turkey on wheat."

DO: Change out of your pajamas. In my experience, if you walk outside to get the mail wearing polka-dotted flanels at 4:15 and say "Hi, how are you?" to the neighbor, it more or less traslates to "Hey, what are you looking at? It's not like I'm building a homemade explosives in the basemet, I just happen to have eaten and entire roll of cookie dough as my only meal today.... Shut up."

DONT: Eat an entire roll of cookie dough. It's not pretty.

DO: Oh, yea. Look for a job. I mean, after all this other stuff is taken care of.

Good Luck! Stick to these simple rules and you should have no problem dealing with the unbearable hassle of sitting at home all day while your husband goes to work and supports you. It's a tough life, but at least now you know how to survive! You're welcome.