Friday, January 16, 2009

Have you ever...?

Have you ever walked outside and suddenly thought you might have giant boogers dangling out of your nose, but when you checked for any "bats in the cave" you realized that all moisture in your nostrils has frozen into dangling boogerific crystals?

Have you ever envied an eskimo knowing that his home made of enormous ice cubes is warmer than your own insulated, heat-included, ice box of an apartment?

Have you ever thought amputation was a possible solution to make walking easier than tripping over those clumsy frozen stubs other people call toes?

Have you ever resented a catch up phone call with a friend knowing the warmth in their voice, although coming with love, sounds more like a menacing taunt?

Have you ever known what it would feel like to have your skin doused in gasoline and set afire and still thought that would be nothing compared to the burning feeling of a -13 degree chill?

..... then you must be a Chicagoan!

And if you do have Chicago Pride, check out this shirt Josh designed. Middle Coast what what!


Aimee said...

hahaha! Oh Josh is too clever. BTW, I'm sitting in my apt. with the FAN ON. Yeah it's very warm in L.A.!

Josh said...

Ohhh Shannon you're too sweet, to promote my art even when it's sooo flippin cold.

sarah marie p said...

Try to stay warm over there Shan! I was just talking to my mil and apparently my sister-in-law (who just moved to Chicago, she got married there last May) is not to pleased with the weather ... she really wants to move back where it's warm (she lived in Vegas before) but her hubby doesn't want to go. Oh man, I wonder what's going to happen!

Jules said...

oh hahahha...that sounds like no fun...well im off to the beach to catch some rays! (JK...sort of)

Miss Crystal Renee said...

Don't forget that walking with a friend always keeps your mind off of the cold while you're on an AdVeNture! Miss you!