Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Get your gag reflexes ready....

Busy Monday cranks right into insane Tuesday. And then I received this little email from my husband:

"So I keep getting these stupid facebook '25 things you didn't know' messages from people, and frankly I could give a shit if people knew 25 things about me. But it got me thinking of 25 things I love about you that go unsaid in my daily confessions of love for you. So here is my 25 things you didn't know that I love about you: (with a few edits- hey, we've got to have a little mystery!)

1. Your Feet- (ewww)

2. Your British accent. It's pretty awesome

3. They way you bring words to life

4. The smell of your hair after a shower

5. Your undying creative spirit to fill my belly with delicious food

6. You are so brilliant and yet you question it, makes you even smarter to me

9. That you tell me how sexy I am. It makes me feel really good about myself.

10. That you eat things in layers. It's one of the weirdest but cutest things you do.

13. The future. WIthout you in my life the idea of the future seems dark and boring.

14. When you sing. I love your voice. And I love that you think Alicen is a better singer then you. It makes me laugh

15. How honest you opinions are about my art. WIthout you I think I would produce a lot of shitty starfish =)

16. For a life worth living for. Even at times when the tunnel seems to be closing in on me, I can hear your voice and know that I will be ok

19. Your family. You have a family that has welcomed me and made me feel so special.

20. That you rock the shit out of Guitar Hero. It's super hot. no joke

22. That you are awesome at extreme sports and I suck balls at them. Again very hot.

23. That you are my home. And I have love and comfort in life that many people struggle to find.

25. You being you. That is reason enough for me, you are a honest person that I look up to in so many more ways than these 25. I love you."

........swoon. Damn. I better think of an AMAZING V-day gift. Any ideas?


Jules said...

Wow!How cute is that????

dsnowden said...

It sounds like you two have a better relationship when compared to Mike and Sarah in Episode 17 of Knight Rider.

"Mike and KITT are assigned to find a serum that gives superhuman strength to anyone who uses it. Sarah is busy trying to resurrect the Foundation for Law and Government and is overwhelmed with this task."

Unlike Mike from Knight Rider, Josh would help you if you, Shannon, if you were overwelmed with a task such as resurrecting the Foundation for Law and Government.

Anonymous said...

Josh missed #24, that one is probably the one that would make your mother blush! Love, MOM

Kelly said...

awww! this is way better then 25 facts about your life...but i still think you could right some funny/awesome stuff!!!

sarah marie p said...

Awwwww that was the sweetest thing EVER!

Glad you are back in the bloggy world!

Shan said...

Just so y'all know, the missing numbers aren't necessarily dirty ones, they are mostly just inside jokes that make for a long and boring blog. :)

Josh said...

Shannnonnn don't lie to the blogging world. Everyone they are dirty =)

Anonymous said...

I figured as much!!

sarah marie p said...

Hiiiii! where are you, lady?

Lauren Saturn said...

shannon-- this is lauren, melissa's friend from ohio!

i am moving to portland and i'll be there sept 5th. hangouts?