Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hi, it's me

Hi, it's me.
I'm still here.

After contant complaints of the barely bearable weather, continuous dog training, adjusting to work, Josh's strange ailment where an iphone has spontaneously grown in place of his ear, new awesome season of Lost, a sudden urge to go swing dancing, and delicious new recipes, you would think I have so much to blog about I'm bursting with ideas. And trust me, I am!

But, DAMN! I need a vacation. I'm at lunch now, but I will talk to y'all when I get home. Just thought I'd send you a teaser that my wheels are a turning!


Kelly said...

yay! can't wait. i check your blog about 3 times a day b/c grad school is so fing boring!!

also...there is this new thing on facebook that people are doing. it's just a list of 25 interesting things about yourself. I figured you could write a great blog about 25 facts of your life....just an idea :)

Jules said...

Its about time!

So@24 said...

We'll be here!

Miss Crystal Renee said...

yay! I'm excited...really really excited...squinting at the trees and imagining that they are buildings full of adventures with your best friend is getting boring...and results in lots of headaches... :)